Sometimes we are oblivious to a major turn in our life.

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I was oblivious for forty years.

I was attending Cooper Union, an outstanding College in New York. My objective, a career in Commercial Art. The first year curriculum was a designated program. Fine Art, Commercial Art and Architecture.

The second year was interrupted by the Korean War, and an enlistment in the Air Force. They presented me with the opportunity to select a skill. Naturally as the closest discipline to art, I picked photography.In the military that category is under photomapping. Followed with the subdivision of surveying. And thus I was trained in surveying.

I was sent to Alaska and assigned to the base engineering department. Fortunately they had a need for Architectural draftsman. My college training in drafting, qualified me. I was presented with a choice. Work indoors, in an office or the great cold Alaskan outdoors. A no brainer. Thus began my love affair with architecture.

After leaving the Service, I returned to school, to major in architecture. As a successful Architect, I repeatedly complained about my regrettable assignment in Alaska.

After forty years of complaining, my astute second wife pointed out. It was there you were redirected to your successful career and passion as an Architect.

Think about it and stop your bellyaching.

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