The Reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh

Terrific novel

This is an amazing novel from a first time author. It is intelligent, it has great characters and the fast pace keeps you glued to the unfolding story line. This is a wonderful book to take on a trip or just to escape the pace of life.

Happy Reader
March 2014

Could not put it down

I liked it a lot. Could not put it down, very well done!

Joye Morey
September 2014


Quite interesting. Fun read.

A. Davison
May 2015

I recommend reading!

Great book. I recommend reading!

Kathy K Smith
October 2014

Excellent story line and presentation

Excellent story line and presentation. Loved the phasing and two part plot from gripping trial to sweet revenge. Best overall page turner out of the last 100 books I have read this year.

Jerry Helmke
December 2014

Really enjoyed this book

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to another novel by Forst.

October 2014

I loved the twists and turns

I can not believe that this is his first book. I loved the twists and turns of the story. I could not put the book down. He is now on my list of favorite authors.

Bruce H. DeWyk
December 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

This book got my attention just from the summary on the back cover and kept it all the way until the end.

The writing was incredibly detailed and descriptive, but done correctly in that it built the characters and the aura of certain locations just enough to suck the reader in. The book’s pace remained quick and exciting, never skipping over important information or dropping in intrigue, and I found every page a compelling new adventure, whether in the descriptive style or the action.

It really does have a little bit of everything – history, art, romance, action, mob bosses, heists, and supernatural elements delving into artistic talent and reincarnation. The chapters revolving around the main character’s fraud trial were the first I’ve read in any book that kept my attention, built the suspense, and entertained as though I was really in the courtroom – without confusing legal jargon that may have served no purpose to this well-constructed work of fiction.

A little birdie told me the sequel, Forst’s second novel, will be released shortly, and I honestly can’t wait to grab myself a copy!

Kathrin Hutson
August 2015

This is definitely a fun read

This is definitely a fun read and I am partial to reincarnation/time travel and such.

The idea of our hero, a bored but successful architect being knocked out in a car accident and then discovering incredible artistic impressionistic type talent was very appealing. And one can learn a lot, repeat a lot, about any historical period seen through a fiction author’s eyes and words.

Arlene the Queen
April 2015

A great read! We will no doubt be hearing more …

I bought The Reincarnation of Van Gogh on the recommendation of mutual friends of Denver architect, artist and now novelist Don Forst. Turned out to be a serendipity as I couldn’t put it down. Fascinating plot, page-turner pace, creative story-telling, dimensional character development, crisp dialogue, and exceptional writing style and imagery. All in all, a great read! We will no doubt be hearing more about this first-time but highly accomplished and creative writer.

David Walstrom
October 2014

Most intriguing

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. The theme of ” early” talent or reincarnation on art or music is most intriguing, since we read about children from time to time with extraordinary talent at an early age–Then the author adds the excitement of the chase with a most appropriate ending for all. All in all ” a good read”. P. S. I happen to love Vincent Van Gogh

Phyllis L. Fellin
August 2014

The Return of Vincent Van Gogh

Fitting Sequel

This is a fitting sequel to author’s first book, “The Reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh.” With excellent character development, Forst captures the tension and pace of the first novel in this gripping follow-up. Best to describe this novel as one that once started, you simply cannot put it down.

Happy Reader
Sept. 2015