I find people’s reaction to my book captivating.

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Upon inquiry, each person responded to a different feature.

A women who was an executive in sales, said, “That misogynous artist in Budapest, you nailed him.” A bridge player on a cruise finished the book in three days said, she could not put it down.”

Another was fascinated by the thought process by the artist as he develops a painting. And others said they enjoyed the fraud trial with its analysis of reincarnation.

” A friend in my aerobics class noted, “I liked your description of the various places. I could see them clearly in my mind. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the restaurants, the house on the shore of Long Island.”

Also a number of women admired Allison for being a strong women. She could not be controlled.

And a few complained, lovingly, my book had cheated them from sleep.

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